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In Science class we are learning about red wigglers or worms, and ball pythons. Here are some facts and info about them. ENJOY!!!!

Ball Python Facts
  • Ball pythons are found at the edge of Forest Lands in Central and Western Africa
  • Ball Pythons grow up to 4 feet long,but with because of the food i had given my worms that made there body react in a way to make
  • proper feeding they can get up to 5 feet long them die and disintegrate into the soil which made it to where I couldn't see them and
  • They are mostly active around dawn worms disintegrate fast! 11/7/07
  • They are kind,curious and gentle snakes
google images
google images

Worm Facts!!!
  • Worms can grow 90-300 millimeters longWorms have no eyes or mouth
  • There are about 2,700 different kinds of worms
  • Worms die if there skin dries out
  • The longest worm was 22 feet long
  • Worms can eat there wieght each day
  • Worms can grow a new tail if they lose it

My class saw how much our worms in our worm homes repopulated! We started out with 10 worms. Most people had more worms, but mine, not so much.

This quarter in our science class we checked our worm population.Most peoples worms went up,some went down.Mine decreased and I think it was because of the food I gave them,your supposed to feed them fruit,veggies,and, other types of waste like,egg shell,coffee grounds,tee bags and they brake down leaves into the soil!Your probably wondering about the ball python facts,well we have one in our class and I wanted to learn more about them so I decided to look some information up on them and put it on my wiki space.We have also learned lots of vocab word like:parasitism, parasite, host, community, nutrients, and a lot more than that too!! My favorite is when we leaned about biotic and abiotic factors!! Biotic is living and abiotic is not living. A scientist who studies this is called a biologist.

Today me and my partner finished put our bones together in skeleton form. Our pellet didnt have many boes so we needed another one to disect.It was very interesting to see what a common owl eats. Some of the things you would find in an owl pellet is:skulls,forlemb,spine pieces,leg bones,and patellas. Now we are learning about kenetic and patential energy. In one of our labs we each got a ramp and a car in our group,when the car was about to be let go patential energy.As the car was going down the ramp it was kenetic energy. Right know we are all making a packet for a wiating room. It has interesting facts about and activites about patential and kenetic energy.

Hello wiki spacers,i know i haven't been putting very many new things on but there will be a lot more coming since we are starting a new lesson in science! your probly wondering about sal, right? hes doing good,he shed a few months ago,he is eating one mouse every week! its sad and cool at the same time.
The mice are cute but sal has to eat. In science we are talking about the earth,we were talking about pangea, but when that lesson was over we started learning about the Crust , Core , and Mantel. did you know earthquakes are caused by subducting plate? i didnt know that but i ♥ that i know most things about the earth,Im no expert but mrs. collazo is a good teacher and knows a lot more that we could ever know about anything!!

i ♥ Science with Mrs. Collazo!!

external image Airgroom_44fb00b5e9f1c.jpgwe are now learning about volcanos and how they work,
She has started us off by doing a project and having us all do one independently. i picked the movie maker on the ring of fire, i am working on a powerpoint that tells as much information as i can find.i♥finding new information on volcanos. any new cool things i find i will post it on wiki! i siad i would put any cool things i leaned about volcanoes and the ring of fire and this is pretty cool, i learnt that the ring of fire is called that because it forms a horshoe shape around the pacific ocean and its actually is a bunch of frequently erupting volcanoes. The ring of fire is also called the pacific ring of fire because of its locationexternal image ring_of_fire.gif

check out this cool Spider!!

external image argiope6252a.jpgThis is a writing spider, they can write many different things in there webs. The most common pattern they write are zig-zags. below are the zig-zags you will see often!
external image black-and-yellow-argiope.jpgI like spiders but some are really big and SCARY!!


mice are tiny rodents that some people refer to as "scary''.
i love animals and are not afriad of animals. at one time, my family had 26 animals in our house at one time.
below are pics of these cute little creatures!!

external image watch_harvest_mice.jpgAwwwww!

external image 10152004cute_mouse.jpgCHEESE!!!

external image 258863950_dafa06e475.jpgI ♥ myself
Do you still not like mice, i know everyone has a fear but there is nothin to be afriad of!!

I know i have not been talking about the worms,thats necause we dont have them anymore. we were sent
home with them and we tak care of them at our homes! i let mine go in my backyard, i watched them squiggle away
into the siol.