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♦We do such fun things in our Sea Lions science class. Come here to learn all about it!!!♦

-They have 5 hearts!!!
-Worms have no eyes, they sense things with a light sensor or a prostomium
-They live and die in same year often : (
-We couldn't live without them decomposing
-There are about 2,700 different species of earthworms!

Ball Pythons

♥We have a funny CUTE ball python in our classroom named Salazar, Sal 4 short but I call him Sali♥

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Worms.....2 Weeks Later! Supprisingly there was no population change!!! Only the 10 I started out with were the 10 that were left!!! *WOW* There wasn't even any cocoons! They really liked the cabbage because most of the cabbage was gone! Lots of tunnels were made, I think 1 worm was in the process of making a hole when I inverted the home!The newspaper was really stiff though the worms really liked that too! There were little clumps in the soil, maybe the were castings being decomposed, maybe it could grow a plant!

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Study of Decomposing♥
What is Ecology?
Well its a lot of things, abiotic-biotic factors, carbon, ecosystem,communities, I could list all day but really ecology is just organisms in there environment.
In our class we are rapping up ecology, so I'm here to tell you all about it!
The difference between communities, ecosystem, and population is this, an ecosystem is abiotic and biotic factors in a area. A community is only the biotic factors (living). A population is a group of the same species.
The easy way to remember is that ecosystem is the biggest and a community is only living so its smaller and a population is only living but of the same species so its smallest.
Now do you know EColOgY?¿?


  • Volcanoes- a weak spot in the crust where magma comes to surface.
  • Magma- molten mixture of rock-forming substances, gases, and water from the mantle.
  • Lava- when magma reaches surface it is called lava...
  • Lava released during volcanic activity builds up on earths surface.
  • There are more than 600 active volcanoes on land...WOW!!
  • Ring of Fire- a volcanic belt formed by the many volcanoes that rim the Pacific Ocean.
  • Volcanic belts form along the boundaries of earths plates
  • Island Arcs- the resulting volcanoes create a string of islands called an island arc.
  • Hot Spot- an area where material from deep within the mantle rises, then melts forming magma.
  • A volcano forms above a hot spot when magma erupts through the crust and reaches the surface.
Get It Nowww?¿?