Welcome to my space you can veiw the labs we have done in science here HOPE YOU ENJOY

The first lab we did was a paper towel lab, we tested to see what paper towel was the strongest!

Then later on we tested to see how many drops of water could fit on a penny...I got 56!!

Lately we have been working on 2 things our ecology dictionary which holds all of our ecology definitions, and our worm farm which we made out of recycled plastic bottles put dirt in and 10 worms... it's been really cool!!!


We have just finished our ecology dictionaries, they are very exquisit i have enjoyed making them.

The last time we checked on our red wriggler worms they were breeding I had 9 wrigglers and 3 eggs but I had not spotted any young worms.

On Friday the 9th we fed Salazar it was amazing watching him eat even though he did not have his fangs he killed the mouse within a few seconds.

Lately we have been working on owl pellets. Daniel and I had to dissect one together and today we are putting it together and I think it will be a meadow rat.