MVC-004S.JPG This is a picture of me and nhyeisha


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There are so many things and infomation we've learned in our sicence class on the Sea Lions team. My name is Ebony. In class now we are learning about worms, ecosytemes, owl pellets,and snakes {our class pet}.

Now in science we've had our snakes for about 6 weeks and i've feed mine leaves, egg shells and coffee. when you feed worm you have to make sure that you chop the food into little pieces so that it is easy for the worm to digest the food.


This is a picture of Mallorie digging for worms


Lava pouring out, new rock being formed,that can only mean one thing Volcanoes are erupting and taking place in mother nature.As you know volcanoes erupt some often, some not often, but they do right. Well do you ever wander why. Volcanoes are mountains or hills made of erupted material in the earth's surface. They erupt because when the pressure of the magma inside becomes so great that the volcano splits and the magma gets out. Some Volcanoes cause great and little damage. Some volcanoes are active, dormant, and extictinc. The most active volcano(es) are:
3500 years
2000 years
800 years

Dormant volcanoes are when scientist cant predict when there going to erupt because they hardly ever erupt.