Hi my name is Hannah bannana. in our class we have a new pet it its the ball python. His name is sallazar. We also have some pets they are red wiggler worms.

right now we are learing about volcanoes and hot spots. i don't know is you have ever heard of the ring of fire it is a ring of the most violent volcanoes. they make a ring a round the plates. One afternoon there was a surprise mt. Saint Helens erupted it killed 58 people. MT. Saint helens was a composite volcano there are three different types of volcanos doormat wich means it hasn't erupted in the last 50 years but is still active a active volcano is a volcano that has erupted in the last 50 years a inactive volcano is a volcano that is completly dead.
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Hi my name is hannah coming from Mrs.collazos room. today i am going to talk about poential and kenetic energy.potential energy is where energy is stored and ready to beused.like a rolercoaster when it is at the top of the rollercoaster. kinetic energy is whee it has the most energy like at the middle of a rollercoaster. remember this is hannah coming from mrs.Collazos room.