Welcome to my Wiki everybody I'm a little bit new to all this Wiki stuff but once I get the hang of it ill get a bunch of new stuff for all of you guys to look at!
First off my names Josh or Unclaw1 and I'm going to make a lot of new pictures about how we checked our worms and see if the population grew. I should have pictures up my November 7th!
These are Red Wiggler Worms
Hello West Lee I'm Josh and for the past three days we have been opening Owl Pellets. We have found so many bones its too much to count! There were mostly four animals, rodents, birds, moles, and shrews. We followed charts to see what bones go to each animal, then we tried to build all the animals on black a sheet of paper and see how close we can get to building it again, well thats all, i hope you enjoyed! Bye!