Welcome to Joshua's wikispace. In science you will learn about worms and their habitat and how they live. WestLee Middle School is the best in the world. We have a snake and his name is Salazar or (Sal) for short. And he is a ball python. We did a lab with are worms and we found out that if you can find new worms, cacoons the size of an uncook popcorn cornal, baby, and see if they ate your food that you fed it two weeks ago. Mrs. Collazo fed Salazar a mice on Friday


In Mrs.Callazo class we got a new snake and his name is salazar or sal for short. Salazar loves to eat mice on Fridays. salazar is a very nice snake. We got to do a project on energy and how they work and what causes them to work.
Good Writing Checklist

I capitalized words correctly.
I used correct punctuation (end marks, commas, quotation marks).
I used the Spell Checker to check my spelling.
I used exact and interesting language.
I checked my writing carefully for sentence fragments and run-ons.
I read my writing carefully and looked for ways to make it better.