This is a worm like ours.
Hawdy people! What do you want to learn today?

Red Wigglers

We have worms in our classroom which we call red wigglers.These worms have five hearts but no eyes or brain. We took our worms out of our worm homes to see if they had reproduced any mine did. I started with 10 and now I have 12.The reason why I think my worms reproduced was because I only fed them lettuce and newspaper and they are used to that.

Ball Pythons

We have a ball python in our classroom and I am going to tell you about him. All snakes are
temporarily blind for a short time while they shed their skin. Snakes can unhinge their jaw to eat
pray bigger than their mouth will open.Our ball python is shedding its skin so his eyes are blue so we are not messing with him. We now are working on owl pellets and opening them to see what is in side of the pellet. Cody and I have found most of the bones, we have found two skulls and a lot of different bones.

Race Cars

We had to figure out about kinetic energy and potential energy. Kinetic Energy is when a object has the most energy.
Potential Energy is when an object has a lot of energy stored and ready to be used.