♥~Welcome To Mals Science Page!~♥

On this page I have listed some cool facts that I have learned in Mrs. Collazo's 6th grade science class!!external image wrmred3.gif


  • Did you know that worms breath through their skin,so the dirt they live in has to be moist or they will not be able to breath.*
  • Do you ever wonder why worms like it in the moist,dark dirt?Worms do not like light so they stay down in the earth.*
  • Worms bodies decompose very quickly because, their bodies are made up of between 75%-90% of water.*
  • Worms have 5 hearts to pump their blood. WOW!*
Our Worm Homes!
We have worm homes that we check every two weeks! My worm home didn't have any baby worms, but hopefully in two weeks I will have some babys. I will post more information when we check our worm homes again!!!


Our Class Pet!!♥
Mrs.Collazos class room got a pet snake named Salazor ,Sal, for short ! Sal is a Balled Python, and is a loving, gentle kind of snake! Our class gets to watch Mrs.Collazo feed Sal !! Sal's main course is tiny,white mice. I never thought i'd like a snake like I like Salazar! He has really inspired me to reserch, and learn more about snakes! I would like to thank Mrs. Collazo for providing Salazar for our 6th grade class room! I got soo lucky to have her and experience what having a pet snake is all about!!

The study of ECOLOGY!♥

Our class has been studying ecology, and I'm going to share some cool facts
with you!
  • Organisms that live in the same habitat can not have the same niche.
*Niche-A role an organism plays in their habitat.
*Did you know a scavenger never kills its own food? They eat the left-overs.Talk about being lazy!!
*A decomposer changes dead organisms into chemicals to be used again. An example of a decomposer are our Red Wrigglers!
*Within food chains, matter is always recycled from one chemical form into another.
*Food chains-Energy links between different organisms in an ecosystem based on feeding habitats.
*Balance of nature- A positive condition the occurs when each population in an ecosystem has all its needs met. An example is, 5 fish in a big fish tank.
*Population- A group of organisms of the same species living in the same ecosystem.


  • Volcanoes are weak spots in the crust where molten material,or magma, comes to the surface.
*Most volcanoes are located at convergent boundaries, or beneath the sea.
*Magma is a molten mixture of rock forming substances,gasses,and water from the mantle.
  • Volconic belts form along plate boundaries and have volcanoes outlining the boundary.
*A major volcanic belt is the Ring Of Fire.
*An Island Arc is when volcanoes create a string of islands.
*A Hot spot is material from deep within the mantle rises then melts, forming magma.
  • Hot spots create mountains and islands.