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Good morning or good afternoon. Did you know that we are going to be talking about the red wigglers and the earth worms? Did you ever asked your self if worms choked before? At once I did but I just found out that they don't. They swallow the food they eat. They can not eat salty cheese or they will die. Worms are so slimy that's a resson I don't like touching them. DO WORMS DECOMPOSE? Worms decompose. As you see they decompose newspaper and lots of more things. Here are some words that don't have to do with worms! Niche - the role an organism plays in the ecosystem. Habitat - a place where an organism lives.These words have to do with animals like a rabbit or other animals that have to do with nature for example a snake would eat a mouse! Did you know that if a snake lived close to a frog the snake would not harm and not help it survive? Have you ever dissected an owl pellet? If you have, you have learned a lot from them because they come from an owl's mouth.