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Patrick and Andrew counting beans

~Here are some facts about worms!~

-Worms dont have eyes. - You can eat,cook,and count beans.
-Worms have no teeth. - Beans come in all shapes and sizes.
-Worms live and die the same year. -Do you like beans.
-Worms eat there weight every day. - How many different kinds are there.
-If worms skin dries out, it will die. - Have you ever had beans.
-In one acre of land there can be over 1 million worms there. - There are many different kinds of beans.
-Worms have 5 hearts. - Do beans have brains.
-If a worms tail gets cut off it will grow back. - Do you eat beans.

Do you know about ball pythons? If not you came to the right place to ask because I love them and in fact I have one in my class room! And his name is Salazar, Sal for short and he is SSSOOO CUTE!!!!!!! One day you should come see him if you go to West Lee Middle School. And last Friday he ate 2 white fuzzy mice it was so cool. And this Friday we get off for Thanksgiving, MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Maybe Salazar will get to have his Thanksgiving early so we can watch him. Today his eyes are purple and Mrs.Collazo said that was a sign of shedding. But any way lets get back to what we were talking about, here are a few facts on them:
-ball pythons watch their babies very carefully.
-they can get up to 4 feet long.
-males have smaller heads then females.
-cage has to be 80F or they will get to cold and die.
-they can eat a 10 day old fuzzy mouse.
-you must change there water daily.
-you can use soapy water to clean your snake.
-some don't bite.
Did you like those facts if so go to covekids0708.wikispaces.com/Tanner to see my wiki and see some facts on worms and beans! Also some pictures on snakes, worms, beans. I LOVE SALAZAR!!!!!!!!!